3 Virtual Event Resources to Help During COVID-19

We will be sharing as many resources as we can to help your business and community during this time. We found these great tools with great offers. So, we thought we would share. Let us know if you have an event idea. We would love to promote or work with you on it.


Events and Conferences are canceled for months to come. Hopin, a recent start-up, which is a live online video platform that is a great option to host online events. Instead of canceling that event that we desperately need to attend, why not try this tool.

By hosting your event with Hopin, the tool allows you to have face-to-face networking opportunities, stages for speakers, chats, analytics, breakout sessions, registrations, and so much more.

They recently posted this blog indicated they were discounting pricing. Their tool looks awesome! Here is a little information.



Vectera is a meeting room software trying to help out businesses! We’ve never used this tool – but they are offering to help! So, we’ll promote! They are offering a free meeting room tool until June 1st.

They are currently offering to business their video meeting software for free until June 1, 2020. Feel free to check out their blog on this new offer for this virtual meeting room creator tool




HeySummit is a virtual summit platform stepping up to those who organized events cancelled by the Coronavirus. In this recent post on their site, they want to offer up a free summit on their platform. Here are the details.

They also created this guide for events and organizers.


Do you have other virtual event resources you would like to share?

We would love to promote your resources.

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